Mrs. Gellner

Full name:
Georgeann Gellner

Position (classes):
Business Education Instructor- Introduction to Business, Accounting, Business Law, Entrepreneurship
FBLA advisor

Teaching experience:
2 years at Renton MS- Seattle, WA
2 years at Griffin Murphy Business College- Seattle, WA
15 years at Langdon HS
4 years at Shanley HS
5 years at Lisbon HS

HS graduated from:

College and degree:
B.S. in Business and Office Education- UND
Masters in Business and Technical Education- UND


A few of your favorite things about working at Lisbon HS:
I thoroughly enjoy working with the Lisbon Public School students and staff. Congratulations and thank you to all of the students for working together to foster success.
Our Future Business Leaders organization has won the overall competition at VCSU four out of the past five years, 73 have earned top ten competitive awards at the FBLA state competiton, and two of our outstanding members, Brayden Wagner and Todd Mollenkamp, have placed in national competition.
I am proud to be a Lisbon Bronco

Information about family:
Husband- Lee, married for 38 years in Novemer
Sons- Corey, Chris, Rod, and Aron
Grandchildren- Ian (5), Ryan (2) live in Brick, NJ
Taryn (3) lives in Minneapolis, MN
Jack (4), Rose (1) live in West Fargo, ND