Mr. Heitkamp

Full name:
Gregory Allen Heitkamp

Position (classes):
Construction Systems
Invention and Inovation
Construction Technology
Foundations of Technology
8th grade Exploring Technology

Teaching experience:
5th year full-time instructor
4 years of part time adjunct
Instructor NDSCS Electrical and Electronic Departments

HS graduated from:
Breckenridge- Breckenridge MN

College and degree:
B.S.- Vocational/Technical
Education from VCSU in 2001
Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Electronic

A few of your favorite things about working at Lisbon HS:
The students and staff
Information about family:
Phillip (23)- married May, 20 2006 to Jennifer Zettel, works for Ottertail
Sarah (21)- Sophmore NDSU
Erik (16)- Freshman LHS