Ms. Holm-Peterson

Full name:
Linda Holm-Peterson

Position (classes):
Family Consumer Science

Teaching experience:
FCS and Health
21 years at Verona Public School
3 years at LHS

HS graduated from:

College and degree:
M.S. in Vocational Home Economics
B.S. in Vocational Home Economics
B.S. Textiles and Clothing

A few of your favorite things about working at lisbon HS:
Constant evaluation and improvement to ensure students get the highest quality education
Information about family:
Husband- Chuck, graduated from NDSU in Mechanized Agriculture; farms
Son- Kyle, graduated from NDSCS in Air Conditioning/Refrigeration; emplyed by Tri-State mechanical
Daughter- Kala, graduated from NDSU in Mass Communications; employed by Kirvin Doak Communications