“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow...”
Lawrence Clark Powell


  • Nateal Falk (Speak to Entertain and Storytelling)
  • Kathryn Smith (Storytelling and Dramatic)
  • Ashley Kaspri (Poetry, Impromptu, and Humorous)
  • Tiffany Rinkenberger (Humorous Duo with Nicole Iwen)
  • Nicole Iwen (Humorous Duo with Tiffany Rinkenberger)
  • Carrisa Tompson (Poetry)
  • Patrick Dougherty (Radio)
  • Kortney Groettum (Dramatic)






Lidgerwood Meet:

Nateal Falk (1st place in storytelling and 3rd place in speak to entertain)

Kathryn Smith (2nd place in storytelling )

Ashley Kaspri (2nd in poetry, 5th in Humorous, and 6th in impromptu)

Kelley Stack (6th in poetry)


Region 1 speech takes place in Wahpeton on the 12th of April