L E T  M E  S H A R E  S O M E  O F 
M U S I C I A L 
G E N I U S   W I T H  Y O U!!

My Top Ten Favorites of all time bands are..
1. Anti-Flag
2. Spice Girls
3.The Matches
4.Death Cab for Cutie
5. Reel Big Fish
6. Gym Class Heros
7. Mindless Self Indulence/ SMB
8. Insane Clown Posse
9. Cake
10. Richard Cheese

Some of my other loveable favorites are... AFI, Aquabats, Plus 44, The Ramones, The Misfits, Bad Religion, Eric Clapton,Screaming Mechicanal Brains, Relient K, Spoken, TFK, Static X, Lanuna Coil, System of a Down, Disturbed, Jet, The Darkness, MCR, Pennywise, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Morphy, Less then Jake, Pink Floyd, Footloose soundtrack, Backstreet boys,dark lotus, and i cant think of any more but TRUST ME there is more!!

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