The Girls' Ensemble
Song - "Cowboy Take Me Away"
(L to R) Katelyn Birklid, Michelle Hoistad (drums), Jessica Rotenberger, Veronica Munkeby, Karlee Dick, Kathryn Smith, Tayelor Rufsvold, Kammy Larson, Morgan Olson (piano), Sara Kelly, Lindsey Burnfield
  Song - "King of the Road"
Artist - Roger Miller
Performed by Soloist Troy Bunn
The Girls' Ensemble
Song - "Can't Help Falling In Love"
(L to R) Ann Carlson, Michele Hoistad (drums), Jessica Rotenberger, Laura Iszler (piano), Sara Kelly, Lindsey Burnfieldm, Carly Falk, Quinn Rufsvold, Tayelor Rufsvold, Tanya Birklid, Mariah Poulin

Song - "I Hope You Dance"
Artist - LeeAnn Womack
Song - "Rocking American Medley"
Swing Choir

(L to R) Troy Bunn, Erick Heitkamp, Nathan Dykema, Ryan Froemke, Sara Kelly, Veronica Munkeby, Lindsey Burnfield, Katelyn Birklid, Karlee Dick, Laura Iszler (piano), Tayelor Rufsvold, Kathryn Smith, Kammy Larson, Morgan Olson (piano), Michele Hoistad (drums)

The Boys' Ensemble
Song - "Walk the Line Medley "
Artist - Johnny Cash
(L to R) Loren Dykema, Ryan Froemke, Nathan Dykema (soloist) , Dillon Bishop, Troy Bunn, Erik Heitkamp, Austin Jacobson, Austin Musland, Dillon Ripplinger, Jordan Nelson (Not Pictured: Jeremy Froemke)


Song - "Jackson"
Artists - Johnny and June Carter Cash

Performed by Duet Katelyn Birklid and Troy Bunn


Song - "Suds in a Bucket"
Artist - Sara Evans
(L to R) Katelyn Birklid (guitar), Nikki Urbach (drums), Kammy Larson (soloist), Laura Iszler (piano)


Songs - "R.O.C.K. In the USA", "Crazy ", Free Ride", "Rubber Band Man", "You May Be Right", and "Proud Mary"
Jazz Band
(L to R) Laura Iszler (piano), Katelyn Birklid (piano), Nikki Urbach (drums), Alex Well, Derek Hiam, Elliott Olerud, Adam Coykendall, Casey Groettum, Brandon Schell, Brent Noonan, Veronica Munkeby, Dustin Saxerud, Morgan Bubach, Kammy Larson, Ashley Wimer, Megan Lyons, Morgan Olson.

Song - "Poor Poor Pitiful Me"
Artist - Terri Clark

(L to R Starting in the back) Troy Bunn, Kathryn Smith, Kammy Larson, Michele Hoistad (drums), Katelyn Birklid (soloist)

Song - "Crazy"
Artist - Patsy Cline

Performed by Soloist Kathryn Smith
Accompanied by Jazz Band


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