Lisbon Play

November 27, 2007


"Competition Piece"

By: John S. Wells

Lisbon Play Members are:

Directed by: Mary Christianson


Hillary Birchem as Sarah

Tayelor Rufsvold as Miss Hockenschmoss

Nicole Smith as Mrs. Mellencamp

Trisha Illies as Ms. Grubowski

Jennifer Anderson as Miss Matilda Meeks

Julie Hieggelke as Dr. Alberta Siskell-Ebert

Kirk Cavett as Grim Reaper

The Metalheads:

Carly Falk as Sue

Brian Anderson as Ike

Lindsey Burnfield as Tori

Tanya Birklid as Jessica

Andrew Sherman as Travis



The Preppies:

Tracie Heacox as Jill

Danielle Glover as Missy

Karissa Kitchen as Will

Erik Heitkamp as Hunter

Morgan Bubach as Dawn

The Arties:

Sara Kelly as Laura

Grace Bucholz as Callie

Stacie Urbach as Allison

Kendall Groettum as Elliot

Austin Musland as Graham


Sound and Curtains: Patrick Olson

Lights: Carissa Thompson and Kathryn Smith

The Lisbon Competitive Play was also performed on this day. To see the Characters of this hit click HERE.
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