08-09 Schedule

Date Opponent Time
Dec. 4 Oakes (H) 7:15pm
Dec. 5 Wahpeton (A) 5:30pm
Dec. 6 Wahpeton (A) 8:00am
Dec. 12 Linton (H) 6:30pm
Dec. 13 Barnesville Dual Tournament (A) TBD
Dec. 18 Wahpeton (H) 7:00pm
Dec. 20 Valley City (A) 11:00am
Jan. 8 Ashley (H) 7:00pm
Jan. 9 Central Cass Tournament (A) TBD
Jan. 10 Central Cass Tournament (A) TBD
Jan. 15 Central Cass (A) 6:30pm
Jan. 16 Hillsboro (H) 6:30pm
Jan. 20 Ellendale (A) 6:00pm
Jan. 22 Valley City (A) 7:00pm
Jan. 23 Storhaug Invitational (H) 6:00pm
Jan. 24 Storhaug Invitational (H) 9:30am
Jan. 29 Kindred Brawl (A) 9:00pm
Jan. 30 East/West Tournement (New Salem) 9:00pm
Jan. 31 East/West Tournement (New Salem) 6:00pm
Feb. 7 Region 1 Dual Tournament (H) 7:00pm
Feb. 14 Region 1 Individual Tournament (Ellendale) TBD
Feb. 19 State Tournament (Fargo Dome) TBD
Feb. 20 State Tournament (Fargo Dome) TBD
Feb. 21 State Tournament (Fargo Dome) TBD

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