Mr. Adair

Full Name:
Pat Adair

Position (classes):
Industuctional Service Administrator
US History,
World Geography,
American Government

Teaching Experience:
Student taught at Milner,
1 year at Rhame Public School as a Social Studies teacher,
7 years in Lisbon as a Social Studies teacher.
2 years principle in Milner.

Highschool Graduated from:
Enderlin Highschool

College and Degree:
2 years at NDSCS,
2 years at VCSU,
B.S. Social Studies,
M. Ed Education leadership- Tri-College

Some of your favorite things about working at Lisbon High:
Really enjoy Lisbon Public Schools students and staff. I could not think of a better place to work. If i could afford it, I would work for free.

Information about Family:
Wife- Sara
Son- Lincoln- 1 year old


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