These guys decide the dress up days and the amount of funds we use for each class of Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.


President: Taylor Wagner
Vice President: Veronica Munkeby
Sec./Tres: Kathryn Smith
Class Rep: Taryn Wagner
Class Rep
: Markie Toso

President: Brent Noonan
Vice President: Hunter Carter
Sec./Tres: Michele Hoistad
Class Rep: Bryar Penberthy
Class Rep: Quinn Rufsvold

President: Morgan Olson
Vice President: Kasey Groettum
Sec./Tres: Brian Anderson
Class Rep: Dani Hopkins
Class Rep: Nicole Smith

President: Hunter Mairs
Vice President: Tyler Elijah
Sec./Tres: Kaisa Birdsbill
Class Rep: Jacob Aberle
Class Rep: Tyrel Long

Members at Large
Erik Heitkamp
Kendall Groettum
Christine Stech