Senior Mosts...

Likely to succeed: Brent & Taylor

Athletic: Ronni & Nathan

Best Dressed: Taryn & Jordan

Changed since Jr. High: Jess R. Tanner & Ethan

Loudest: Ashley & Dillon

Complainers: Emily & Kendall

Biggest Flirts: Ashley & Dillon

Nicest: Savanna & Elliott

Quietest: Laura & Ethan

Likely to be married 10 times: Courtney & Cody

Musical: Kammy & Erik

Artistic: DeAndra & Jordan L.

Biggest Bookworm: Lynsee L. & Chase

Biggest procrastinator: Mandi & Jade

Class clown: Dillon & Karlee

Likely to be famous: Kendall & Taylor

Likely to be tardy: Nick W. & Sara

Organized: Karli & Erik

Talkative: Alesha & Kendall

Best Car: Sam & Matt S.

Likely to stay in Lisbon: Jade & Carissa

Likely to lose points of license: Emily & Jade

Best sense of humor: Amanda, Markie & Dillon