These are my parents, Steve and Suzanne Anderson. My dad works at Bobcat in Gwinner and my mom works at the Ransom County Courthouse as Deputy Treasurer and Motor Vehicle coordinator. There's my dog Jewel too. She's a pomeranian.



Ryan & Heather


This is my brother, Ryan, and his girlfriend Heather. Ryan works at Portoco in Fargo. It's a railroad repair store. Heather works at Well's Fargo and goes to college.




Kersten and Megan


These are my cousins Kersten and Megan. They live in Bloomington, MN. They attend a Catholic school there. Kersten is 13 and is going to be a Freshman next year. Megan is 10 and will be a 5th grader.





This is everyone, literally. Well, on my mom's side. At the top with the crazy hair is Samuel, my cousin. Under him from left to right is Kristie, Justin, Me, Ryan, and my Dad. Next row is Steve, Justin's in there again, Me in between, Steve, and my Mom. Then it's my grandpa, grandma, Kersten, Megan, and Mona. Yes, there's three Steves.