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About the Family

I have a lovely family of a divorced mom and dad named Dennis and Ericka Radermacher (mom probably didn't change her last name), a sister named Jesse(who's a dork!!), and a brother named Noah. We get along in our strange and insane family.

My mom and dad are both divorced and live away from each other. If you must know, I live with my dad.

Mom and Dad

My dad and I can have a whole conversation based on movie quotes, and so can my sister, but we can have a house full of mayhem when we play video games, or when we cook. I'm learning how to cook, slowly but surely. Hooray for dads!!

My mom and I can talk about anime, drawings, tablets, computers.(even though she calls me her mentor) She is a newbie on the site I go to called deviantART. She helps me buy stuff from the store and just recently, I got a graphic artist's bag from there with stuff included. OwO

Sisters, how lovely

My sister is a senior and she's my drawing mentor- meaning I tried to learn from her, but failed. I'll miss her because she's moving to Fargo in July of 2009, to attend the ranks of NDSU to become a pharmacist. Good Luck, Jesse, you loveable dork!


I live next door to the ones on my mom's side. The ones on my dad's side live in the city. OwO