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From the crazed mind...

Hello friends, it's me, Reesha Radermacher ....welcome to my page. I have an older sister (who annoys me, but she's wonderful) and an older brother (meh, i don't know much about him...) I am an artist and computer wiz, but I also enjoy the outdoors and the sunlight. And no, I'm not a vampire. I am a known Sonic the Hedgehog fan and will be happy to answer your questions about any of the Sonic comics, and the games that are there. :3

About the one behind the mind

I have a life outside of the computer, so I should tell shouldn't I? Well, to begin, I am a 17 year old semi-professional artist. Reason why I say "Semi" is because I'm still learning the things I need to to become one of the pros in the art world.

I mainly draw Sonic, but I do some anime, printmaking(when I have materials for it), and some of the new things I'm learning; and on a side note, I also write stories :3. On the web, I'm known as Shade or Shade123.

Unlike my sister, I'm a junior at LHS, so one more year before I get to see the real world (haven't I already?) and the things that we overlook that make this world unique yet very dangerous at the same time ....because after all, shouldn't we appreciate our world?

Other facts

I'm an administrator at Hikari's Art Club, which is an oekaki site from Takamin. I go to iScribble, deviantART, and said site that I help administrate.