Name Emil Brandsborg AKA. The Great Dane

How did you like Lisbon? "I think living in Lisbon and going to school in Lisbon have been awesome. I consider it my second hometown."

Funniest experience? "Getting laid out by everything and everybody everyday in Football"

Favorite moments? "I have a couple. First when the football team went to Kindred, kicked but and I got to play. Second when I scored my first points in basketball. Third when I finished second with my 4*100 relay team in track and got a ribbon. Fourth when I lettered in Football."

Least favorite moments? "I have two of them, first when we went to Dickinson to play playoff Football and went home empty handed. and second the day I am gonna have to leave."

You gonna miss America? "duh, of course I am gonna miss everybody. everybody have been fun, nice, awesomer than awesome, cool and lovely so how can I not miss them when I go home?"

Favorite Quote "I would have played for Manchester United for free - David Beckham 2003 when he traded from Manchester United to Real Madrid"

Favorite Sport teams Manchester United, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins, Boston Celtics and Lisbon Broncos

Favorite Athletes Ryan Giggs, A.J. Henderson, Joe Mauer and Kevin Garnett

Idol(s) Sir Alex Ferguson, because he has been head coach of Manchester United since 1986 and won more titles and glory than any other coach in soccer

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