in Denmark i like:

  • Soccer, my top favorite sport of all time i am a central defender, and i am a huge Manchester United fan. My favorite player of all time is either Nemanja Vidic or Ryan Giggs. my dad told to be a United fan, and ever since my heart have belonged there, i watch all the games i can and check up on their homepage every day.
  • Team Handball a european sport wich i enjoy playing with my friends. not a fan of any particularly team but still watches it on tv every once in a great while.
  • Badminton also a sport i play with my friends occasionally and i really enjoy.
the loge of wich my heart belongs

in America i like:

  • Football, my favorite american sport and my second favorite sport over all, i am a defensive tackle and a tightend or wideout on offense, my favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings, and my favorite player is E.J. Henderson. My American dad Kevin told me to be a vikings fan and i loved sitting at home with him on sunday watching Favre, Peterson, Allen, Rice and all the others give away som purple punches.
  • Baskettball, i went out for baskettball here in Lisbon and had mixed succes on the c squad as a center, but i really enjoyed the game. my Favorite team is The Boston Celtics and my favorite player is Kevin Garnett. I have been a Kevin Garnett fan since the 2004 summer olympics were i saw him playing for the United States, and when i came to america i found out he plays for the Celtics, so then i became a Celtics fan.
  • track not alot to say yet, the season has just started but it lookes like hurdles, jumping and sprinting is my things. A big fan of Usain Bolt, fastest man in the worl, how can yu not be a fan?
The logo of the Minnesota Vikings
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