I only have one sibling, a brother. His name is Andrew. He is a freshman in High School. He enjoys being in High School finally.

He love sports. During his school career he took part in Football, Track, and Basketball. He does well in all of them.


My parents are my heros. They are always there for me when i need help or want comfort. We have been through some hard things this past year but we made it through with each others comfort.

My mom's name is Brenda. She works at the North Dakota Veterans Home. She works in the Acvtivities department. She enjoys being with the residents.

My dad's name is Lyn. He works at Bobcat. At Bobcat he works as a foreman. He likes his job a lot. Somedays it gets stressful working double hours and having to work Saturdays but he manages.


Other Relatives

You can't forget about the rest of the gang! My mom's parents names are Jan and Willie Hansen. Jan(my grandma) gives me piano and voice lessons. I have taken piano for 7 years.

My dad's parents names are Darlene and Jerry. Darlene just recently passed away. As my grandmother we were very close. We did a lot of baking and camping together. This was very hard for me. She is still very missed to this day. Jerry is the racer of the family. He has raced for many many years and still does to this day. He has his car already to go for the summer. His car number is 27. This is one of his greatest passions.