Class Colors-Red, Platinum, and White

Class Flower-White Rose with Red Tip

"We don't limit our challenges, We challenge our limits."

Sheena Anderson Briana Hoaby Austin Musland Taryn Seyfert
Nicole Baxter Danelle Hopkins Courtney Odegard Andrew Sherman
Joshua Blackwell Reed Huether Morgan Olson Margaret Silvernail
Jason Blasczyk Karissa Kitchen-McMahon Sye Olson Jade Sjolin
Garett Carlblom Keanan Kopp Dylan Opatz Nicole Smith
Charlene Carlson Samantha Lamb Zachary Peterson Tyler Sommerfeld
Hayley Erickson Bryce Larson Nathan Qual Austen Stulz
Jeremy Froemke Brandan Lee Sabrena Quast Ernest Surerus
Kasey Groettum Kyle Lien Dylan Ripplinger Kali Urbach
Brooke Haakenson Karlene Lorenz Mikel Roman Stacie Urbach
Tapani Hall Brandon Matheny Bryanna Rostock Brady Weight
Brittny Harrison Ty Michels Kimberlee Schon Tyler Wolf


Most Athletic Best Smile Class Clown
Karlene Lorenz Briana Hoaby Stacie Urbach
Nathan Qual Nathan Qual Dylan Opatz
Biggest Procastinator Best Dressed Best Laugh
Hayley Erickson Briana Hoaby Courtney Odegard
Ty Michels Brandan Lee Tyler Wolf
Biggest Bookworm Most Clumsy Most Shy
Nicole Smith Kali Urbach Maggie Silvernail
Andrew Sherman Kyle Lien Joshua Blackwell
Most Likely To Get Married 10 Times Most Likely To Stay In Lisbon Most Likely To Lose Points Off License
Kali Urbach Jade Sjolin Samantha Lamb
Reed Huether Reed Huether Dylan Ripplinger
Most Likely To Succeed Best Hair Biggest Suck Up
Morgan Olson Hayley Erickson Karlene Lorenz
Nathan Qual Briana Hoaby Dylan Ripplinger
  Tyler Wolf  
Most Musical Best Personality Most Artistic
Morgan Olson Bryanna Rostock Hayley Erickson
Kasey Groettum Nathan Qual Brandan Lee
Most Likely To Drive A Fancy Car Most Likely To Travel The World Most Likely To Start A Business
Bryanna Rostock Nicole Smith Morgan Olson
Kyle Lien Austen Stulz Kyle Lien
Most Likely To Become A Millionaire Most Likely To Have Over 100 Hospital Visits Before They're 50 Most Likely To Live With 50 Cats
Morgan Olson Karlene Lorenz Nicole Baxter
Kyle Lien Ty Michels Brandon Matheny
Most Likely To Be The First With Grey Hair   Most Likely To Be Convicted Of A Crime
Charlene Carlson   Sabrena Quast
Tyler Wolf   Austen Stulz