Awards Night

Name: Award:
Jacob Gallagher Most Valuable Male Speaker
MeiMei Cheerawanichkun Most Valuable Female Speaker
Jacob Gallagher Bronco Speaker of the Year
Thomas Horgeshimer Most Improved
Sam Sagvold Rookie Speaker of the Year


Region 1 Speech Results

Name: Award:
Thomas Horgeshimer 5th Impromtu, 8th EPR
Chloe Schultz 6th Poetry, 5th EPR
Klay Oland 8th Storytelling, 7th EPR
Kieran Hall 7th Storytelling
Sam Sagvold 7th Dramatic
Rodd Hopkins 6th Radio
Jacob Gallagher 4th Radio, 3rd Inform
MeiMei Cheerawanichkun 2nd Serious
James Fornes and Paul Carlson 6th Humorous Duo