Wrestling Season 2011-2012

This Wrestling Season there were a total of eight seniors on the team, but not all of them finished the season.

Awards 2012

Most Takedowns- Hunter Mairs- 99, new school record for career takedowns- 362

Most Pins- Wyatt Smith- 29

Most Wins- Dylan Urbach- 47, new school record for most wins in a season.

Most Improved- Joe Nelson

Bronco Award- Jacob Aberle

Most Valuable- Dylan Urbach

Hardest Worker- Dylan Urbach


Varisty Records for 9-12

Name Wins/losses
Taylor Busche 22-17
Jacob Aberle 29-8
Jace Berg 30-7
Grant Johnson 18-17
Dylan Urbach 37-4
Weston Elijah 10-13
Wyatt Aberle 25-10
Derek Rotenberger 4-6
Taylor Olson 12-11
Hunter Mairs 31-6
Garrett Johnson 15-17
Joe Nelson 19-12
Trevor Zins 7-13
Josh Peterson 1-11
Dylan Claus 13-11
Tyler Doll 10-5
Wyatt Smith 26-13
Braedon Thompson 3-9