There are some things in this world that people could not live without, those are called favorites or obsessions. I think everyone in this world has something that they are obsessed with or can't bare to live without.....

Some of my Favorites/obsessions are:

Mountain Dew, I'v been yelled at by my mom and doctors to quit; but I can't give it up.
My Yellow Neon, my dad bought it demolished and fixed it up for my 16th birthday.
Pizza Rolls, after a long hard 8 hours of working usually I just want some pizza rolls.
Weekends, usually always spent with my best friends and no sleeping.
Fargo ND, I probably go to fargo once a week, I am obsessed with Fargo. Seriously.
Slip on Shoes, I HATE shoes with laces, hate them. I'd go barefoot if there wasn't slip on shoes invented.
Beaches, I know we only have "Dead Colt Creek", but honestly in Lisbon what else is there to do on hot days?
Hairspray, who ever invented hairspray should be the richest person in the world.
Kid Cudi, Kid Cudi is the hottest rapper, ever. I will marry him one day, end of story.
Michael Cera, hottest actor. I don't care what anyone says.
My Brothers, These boys taught me everything I need to know.
Sweatpants, Instead of dressing up every-single-day; lets just throw on sweats 4 out of the 7 day week.
Tumblr, Tumblr makes everything better,alls you do is just sit and scroll.
Gordmans, Hands down; best store ever.
Pink Gatorade, awesome.
White Rice, Everyday.
McDonalds, Praise them.
Ipod Touch, Couldn't go a day without it.
Art/Mrs.Lewis, Take her class shes the best teacher ever.