Mr. Monilaws

Lisbon High School Band and Chior of 2013.


New York Trip :

Band and Choir members will be leaving for New York on May 30, 2013. They will see the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, Chinatown, St. Patricks Cathedral, and the new World Trade Center. They wil be staying at a hotel and return on June 5, 2013. In between those days they will be performing at various places for the citizens of New York.


* = Swing Chior | ** = Section Leaders | # = Jazz Band

Chior: Band:
Brock Aberle Wyatt Aberle
* Elizabeth Bartholomay Haley Anderson
* Ebony Berube # Jason Anderson
* Jacon Birklid # Brett Bartholomay
Matthew Blackwell Elizabeth Bartholomay
Caren Blaschke # Logan Brummund
Jason Blasczyk Chance Coleman
Brittany Dawson Alec Cooly
Lindsay Dow Lindsay Dow
** Aaron Froemke Payton Ercink
Amber Gable # Jacob Gallagher
Shannon Gregor Sydney Griffith
Karly Groettum Karly Groettum
* Kieran Hall Emilee Hansen
* Emily Hardebeck Ryan Hansen
Shelby Heacox Shelby Heacox
Thomas Horgeshimer Brittany Johnson
McKenzie Huether # Grant Johnson
Haley Jalbert Lacey Johnson
** Lacey Johnson Morgan Johnson
** Morgan Johnson # Alyssa Leadbetter
Nicole Lack Linsey Leadbetter
Alyssa Leadbetter Sara Lien
Linsey Leadbetter # Shelby Lund
Elana Lee Kyle Mark
Taylor Lund # Lexi Mund
Ashlynn Munch # Shelby Musland
MacKenzi Nelson # Joe Nelson
* Chelsea Nielson # Kate Oland
Brandon Olson Grant Olson
Lacie Olson Nikki Ricker
Christine Opp # Daniel Sagvold
* Kate Oland # Jessamine Schell
* Cassidy Rasmusson Kaylie Schell
Sam Reinke # Shelby Schwab
Nikki Ricker Kellen Shelton
* Daniel Sagvold Mikayla Smith
Dean'a Seelig # Jason Sommerfeld
Mikayla Smith # Zachary Stulz
Abby Sorby Samantha Waloch
Jordan Sorby Justin Warling
Stacia Steinmetz Cassie Witte
Harry Toyne  
Samantha Waloch  
Justin Warling  
Anna Weber