NHS Students

With induction into the Honor Society, a member assumes certain obligations as outlined by the local chapter. First and foremost, all Honor Society members are expected to maintain the standards that were used as the basis for their selection. In addition, the chapter must conduct a service project for the school or community each year, and see to the development of an individual service project for each member.


Jace Berg
Jacob Gallagher
Elizabeth Harrington
Zach Hanson
Matt Bultema
Mark Bultema
Wyatt Aberle


Joe Nelson
Klay Oland
Kaylie Schell
Dylan Urbach
Rodd Hopkins
Brennen Stotts
Alyssa Lee
Kyndra Schimdt
Jason Anderson
Alec Witte
Tyler Henderson
Grant Johnson


Tyann Henderson
Katelyn Oland
Jacob Olson
Miranda Ripplinger
Kacy Smith
Jenna Steffes
Alexis Mund
Tessa Lien
Cassidy Rassmusson
Christine Opp
Mattie Olson
Brady Matheny
Calli Olson
Hannah Wittenburg
Kaelie Krueger
Ashley Larson

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