Kieran Hobbies

I don't think there are many super gamers like myself here in Lisbon. I only know of a few but they play games that I'm not really into. I like to play zombies, but that is the only game that I will play on Call of Duty.

Kieran Hall

Hello my name is Kieran Hall. I am a student at Lisbon High School. My hobbies are playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading, writing, Track, Cross Country, TSA (Technology Student Association), video games, skiing, swimming, and kayaking.

Recently I have been working on a TSA project for a competition in Flight Endurance. This event is where you have a plane liftoff from the ground and they count how long it stays in the air, that is, if it gets off the ground at all. Other than that I have been working on a book that I have titled Heart of the Fire Girl. It is about a girl who goes to college who is no ordinary girl. She carries a device that could destroy Heaven or Hell. She goes through many challenges and faces many foes, but not alone. She has a protector who comes from a group known as the Temperate Ones. This league of angels has a goal to maintain balance in the world and their only hope is to keep the device safe from everyone's hand, including themselves.

I hope to publish this book, but other than that I have always been trying to find players for D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) who are about my age, but it is hard to find people who wish to explore their imagination in a small town such as Lisbon, ND. I will continue my search, even if I have to go to the end of the world. I know it sounds a little extreme for such a simple game, but it a very good game because I can socialize with people easier when I play this game. I also hope to become a LARPer (Live Action Role Player). LARPing is very fun especially since it is like playing D&D, except you are acting out your character in real life. Of course I am going to have to get some help making my costume. I hardly have any experience in making clothes except for the one time I stitched together two pieces of cloth to make a bandanna.

One of my most favorite video games is Final Fantasy VII because of its story. The story is where an ex-SOLDIER named Cloud (or whatever name you want) Helps a rebel group called AVALANCHE destroy a reactor that sucks mako energy (natural energy) from the planet. This process is slowly killing the planet which is why AVALANCHE was formed, but soon Cloud finds out that Sephiroth is still alive and trying to take over the planet. Cloud journeys with Tifa, Barret, and Aerith. He meets others along the way who all have a bone to pick with Shin-Ra Inc. At the end (sorry that I'm a spoiler) Cloud faces Sephirtoh and saves the planet from certain destruction. With Sephiroth gone, Aerith's spirit (she died by his sword) calls upon the Lifestream to protect the planet from the meteor that is about to ram into it.


To learn more about me, visit my website at I will be changing it soon but if you watch for the posts I will tell you where and what my website is.