Trinity Symbol

What can I say, I just believe in whatever I want to. I don't know anybody who could tell me differently, but I just say, "Hey, I'm mysel,f don't go telling me who to be." People may laugh at what I believe in, but hey, who's to say what I believe doesn't exist. I have a wide range of beliefs that go from Christianity to chi to psychic powers to energy from stones. Even though these may seem like silly things I believe that an open mind is the smartest one you can have. My mom always told me "Your focus determines your reality." I can see the wisdom behind her words. What we believe in changes how we percieve "reality".

Whatever you believe in you should believe with all your heart, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. I have always been a target because of my beliefs, but I will stand by them firmly and let them laugh. When they see that they themselves are laughed at because of their beliefs they will understand what I have gone through.Stone powerChi Energy