• The students on this page are webstudents that helped to create the 2013 Lisbon Broncos website.

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    2013 Lisbon Broncos Web Students

    Abbey Meyer: Created the seniors and volleyball page.

    Ashley Larson: Created the TSA page.

    Haley Jalbert: Created the FCCLA and school tour page.

    Kyndra Nelson: Created the homecoming and the drama page.

    Lacey Johnson: Created the golf and girls basketball page.


    Nathan Mangin: created the boys track and football page.


    Nikky Lack: Created the art show, student council, and prom page

    Tyler Smith: Created the boys basketball and web students page

    Elizabeth Harrington: Created the staff and NHS page.

    Trevor Schultz: Created the football and girls track page.

    Dalton Rotenberger: Created the wrestling and girls track page.


    Chris Sjolin: Created the speech and FFA page.


    Tristen Borger: Created the web students page.

    Mattie Olson: Created the lisbon broncos home page and the snowball page.







    Kieran Hall: Created the music and the chess page.

    Justin Warling: Created the cross country page.