Wake Bording I have been wake bording for two years. Durning the summer I am usually out on the lake.
Tubing I enjoy whater tubing and snow tubing. I tend to do whater tubing more and have tubing wars .
Hunting I hunt for deer, ducks, geese, and pheasents. I have been hunting deer, ducks, and geese since I have been old enough too. I started hunting pheasents last year.
Fishing I have been fishing for most of my life. I ice fish and fish from a boat. I enjoy fishing for norther and wallye the most.
Wood Working I have been wood working for most of my life. The bigest thing I have built was an arbar that went to our back yard. I also had to build to fences to put on the arbar to grow grapes on.
Building model rockets I have been building modle rockets for most of my life. I had built a rocket which at the time was taller then I was.
Building model airplanes

I have been building model airplanes for three years. The first airplan I built was a Spitfire. They were used in WW2.

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