The Urloined Letter

The _Urloined Letter is set in the 1940s in Los Angeles and is about a detective, Bullitt Nick Bullitt, and a beautiful young nightclub singer, Trouble Maecker. Trouble Maecker comes to Nick Bullitt with a case, someone has stolen all of her P's! Nick Bullitt then proceeds to investigate and meets some interesting people. He meets Peggy Peterson, manager, chef, and entire wait staff of Peggy Peterson's Pancake House. She is as cool as a cucumber-- and about as cooperative. Then he runs into Ruth Kanal, Dr. Prentiss's receptionist, and Dr. Prentiss the Painless Dentist. After that he investigates at Mr. Johnson's house. Mr. Johnson is Dr. Prentiss's most recent victim, err, patient and helps shed some light on the case.

In The _Urloined Letter I performed as Ruth Kanal at the One-Act competition and won superior acting. On drama night due to another performer being unable to perform I took over the part of Trouble Maecker.