Wrestling Managers

During this past season we had six managers, 4 of which were Varsity. McKenzie Huether (senior) Allison Nord (Enderlin, junior), Haley Wheeler (sophomore), Justina Nieves (sophomore) at the Varsity level and Clarissa Sours (8th grade) and Carly Cavett (8th grade) at the Junior Varsity level.


Left to Right: Haley Wheeler, Allison Nord, McKenzie Huether, Justina Nieves, Clarissa Sours, and Carly Cavett.


Left to Right: Clarissa, Haley, McKenzie, Allison, and Justina.


Left to Right: Clarissa, McKenzie, Allison, Haley, and Justina.


Left to Right: Justina, Haley, Allison, and McKenzie.