Caren Blaschke

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Parents Names: Lee and Bertha Blaschke

High School Activities: Choir, FCCLA, NHS, Speech, Drama

Interests/Hobbies: Exercising, reading, speeching it up with Alexis Oderman, being a camp counselor for kids with type 1 diabetes, Netflix nights with Xanthe Dick, hanging with friends

Favorite Quote: "There are places I remember all my like, though some have changed, some forever, not for better, some have gone and some remain."                                                              - The Beatles, In My Life

Future Plans: NDSU for Elementary Education, get my master's, travel the world to work with diabetic kids, somehow meet Paul McCartney, fall in love, get married, become a mother, live life!

Advice to Underclassmen: Challenge yourself! Take all the dual credit classes! Join speech! Laugh at Mrs. Evenson's peanut joke. Mrs. Gallagher is simply the best, so take her classes, you'll always laugh.

Superlative: Best Dressed