Senior Mosts
Most Likley to trip at graduation. Taylon S. Elazea B.
Most likely to live in a van by the river Conrad P. Sadi D.
Most likely to be lose points off license Nick H. Sidney N. Haley W. Elazea B.
Most likely to become a meme Maverick C. Emma W.
Most likely to get ID'd when 30 Rory W. & Kody E. Mackenzie M.
Will do anything for a retweet Rory W. & Lawrence L. Haley W.
Best couple that never was Jordan S. Codee F.
Most likely to have no idea what's going on Sheldon F. Elazea B.
Most likley to get divorced 5 times Lawrence L. & Sheldon F. Haley W. Justina N. Emma W.
Class Clown Kyle M. & Maverick C. Elazea B. & Mackenzie M.
Best dressed Lawrence L. & Rory W. Sidney N. & Makayla F.
Most Gullible Codee F. & Tyler S. Sidney N. & Elazea B.
First person to have kids Ethan E. & Gunnar F. Haley W. & Lily B.
Biggest complainer Codee F. Spencer S. & Kyle 0. Lily B. & Makayla F.
Loudest Spencer S. & Rory W. Elazea B. & Shaina R
Shyest Kody E & Conrad P. Sarah H. Haily C. & Aly L.
Most likely to live with 50 cats Shelldon F. & Lawrence L. Callista M. Kayci H. & Justina N.
Best smile Dalton R. & Jaden O. Lily B. & Sidney N.
Biggest flirt Jaden O & Lawrence L. Sidney N. & Emma W.
Most likely to marry for money Lawrence L. & Codee F. Shaina R. & Makayla F.